Electronic toolbox free

Electronic toolbox free

By android-design.nl

Electronic toolbox freeElectronic toolbox freeElectronic toolbox freeElectronic toolbox freeElectronic toolbox free

Analog electronics toolbox for digital engineers, hobbyists and students.

All the instruments in this app are additionally included within the RF Microwave Toolbox app:


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Feature listing:

1) PI, T and L attenuator

2) Power and voltage converter

3) Parallel LCR impedance/resonance

4) Series LCR impedance/resonance

5) Inductor impedance

6) Capacitance impedance

7) Ohm's Law

8) Radio equation calculator (1-way path loss)

9) Air Core Inductor Inductance Calculator

10) Capacitor impedance

11) Noise floor

12) Amplifier cascade (NF, Gain, P1db, OIP2, OIP3)

13) Low Pass filter

14) High Pass filter

15) Helical antenna

16) Band Pass filter

17) Band Stop filter

18) Peak to RMS (peak, RMS, common, CF)

19) Mixer harmonics

20) Resistor Color Code calculator.

21) PCB Trace Width and Clearance Calculator

22) Series and Parallel element (R, L and C) calculations.

23) Reverse Series and Parallel resistor calculations.

24) Inductor Color Code Calculator.

25) Capacitor Charge Calculator.

26) Led Resistor Calculator.

27) Voltage Divider Calculator.

28) Opamp Calculator

29) Wavelength calculator

30) LCR Parallel - Series Conversion Calculator

31) Inductor Charge Calculator.

32) Heat Sink temperature calculator

33) Thermal through calculator

34) Resistor SMD Code calculator.

35) Bridged T Attenuator Calculator.

36) CR/LR/LCR Calculator (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop)

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