Projectlot: GTD-style personal project management

Projectlot: GTD-style personal project management

By JointLogic Ltd.

Projectlot: GTD-style personal project managementProjectlot: GTD-style personal project managementProjectlot: GTD-style personal project managementProjectlot: GTD-style personal project management

Get to the subsequent level of private productivity - handle clearly defined Projects, Actions, Contexts and Areas.

...with the GTD-style, cloudless app - Projectlot.

# Focus on the outcomes you need to occur with Projects

* Make Projects doable by decomposing and sequencing with concrete Actions to take

* Fight procrastination and transfer Projects ahead by deciding on the very subsequent Action and the suitable Context

* Gather Project supplies in a single place by attaching Links to internet pages, documents or folders

# Be environment friendly by assigning Actions to Contexts, similar to areas or situations

* Never forget to go someplace or purchase something when you’re out and about

* Never forget to bring up some extent at the next staff meeting or in your conversation with a client or associate

# Get perspective by pondering at completely different levels - from the massive picture Areas all the means down to concrete Actions

* Create structure in your life with nested Areas of duty and dedication like Spirituality, Health, Career, Company, Family and Relationships

* Clarify why and the means to commit to every Area by writing an outline and attaching Links to related net pages, documents or folders

# Be relaxed and artistic by clearing your mind

* Capture something on your mind, any interesting concept or web web page within the Inbox

* When convenient, empty the Inbox by deciding on tips on how to handle every item – Does it require any Action? Is it a Project? Ready to commit?

* See only what you have to see – the UI visually separates Active from Upcoming and Incubated Projects, Completed from Incomplete Actions, and the contents of every Project, Context and Area.


Projectlot isn't a web or cloud service. Your data is saved domestically in your units solely. Check Projectlot Privacy Policy.

The USB/SD Card storage permission is required for backing up and restoring your database.


The core funtionality is free for up to 100 gadgets. Unlimited variety of items and premium performance might be provided as in-app purchaes.

Preview status

For a while the app shall be in preview standing. That means we will be centered on gathering suggestions and refining the person experience. During the preview status the Unlimited number of items in-app buy will be at particular discounted price.


Currently the app is out there for Android solely. A desktop edition is in the works.

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