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PestTrapp is the mobile utility particularly designed for analyzing images captured by way of Digital Pheromone Trap, Doktar's Internet of Things technology utilized for figuring out the population density and economical threat threshold.

Monitor Pest Population Density in Your Field

Digital Pheromone Trap contains a pheromone capsule that lures the pests into the device and captures 2 pictures per day. The system establishes an active internet connection through the SIM card contained in the device and sends the pictures captured to the cloud instantly.

Diagnose Pests, Apply the Right Pesticide

The second density of the population reaches the danger threshold which is ready by the help of picture processing expertise, the user receives alerts by SMS or e-mail, enabling detection of the risk-bearing pests and making effective spraying choices.

How does it work?

Adhesive Sheet

Place the adhesive sheet on the interior reservoir of the Digital Pheromone Trap.

Pheromone Capsule

Place the pheromone capsule at the heart of the adhesive sheet.

Plug Play

Activate the Digital Pheromone Trap by turning the swap on.

Daily Tracking of Pests

Track the pest density in your area by way of high-quality pictures captured by Digital Pheromone Trap and monitor by way of PestTrapp.

How to get?

Easy! Download this app and get in touch with us by way of Support web page, or just send an e-mail to [email protected]

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