LiveBy: Good Habits Routines

LiveBy: Good Habits Routines

By Denis Karamustafic

LiveBy: Good Habits RoutinesLiveBy: Good Habits RoutinesLiveBy: Good Habits RoutinesLiveBy: Good Habits RoutinesLiveBy: Good Habits Routines

LiveBy - Good Habits and Routines is your mentor, self-care helper, and mood tracker excellent for building wholesome habits and aligning your actions to your Values.

Join us on the journey, construct self-discipline and create optimistic habits. Don't chase goals, give consideration to becoming the person you always wished to be.

Good Habits Routines

Goals are short-sighted as they will push you to form some bad habits or put up with distress to achieve them. Here is our tip - The success that lasts comes from small and straightforward adjustments compounding over time. If you begin building your daily routines and improving your day by day habits, you're going to get better every day, and the outcomes will comply with.

Self-care Mood Tracker

Start a self-care journey, replicate in your principles and construct long-lasting habits and routines. Build streaks, observe and analyze the progress of each of your habits. With a mood tracker, you will discover the influence of your habits on your mood.

Your Mentor Streak Counter

Build Streaks and enjoy the gamified journey! LiveBy - Good Habits Routines app shall be your mentor and streak counter. You will higher perceive which actions are important for you and how they have an result on your mood with statistics and a temper tracker.

Daily Reflections

Make reflection a every day behavior and reflect in your principles daily. Discover which day by day ritual suits you the most effective and make it a behavior.

Long-lasting Habits Routines

Create your own routines by creating long-lasting habits! Build a ritual, good habits, and routines while enjoying the journey.

Your mentor LiveBy will assist you to:

★ Form good habits that final and cease the unhealthy ones

★ Build routines, degree up, and build a long term System through the gamified Journey

★ Discover which day by day routine suits you the best

★ Build your discipline with self-discipline points

★ Follow the routine and construct streaks

★ Find a ritual that may promote your wellbeing

★ Track and analyze the progress of each of your habits

★ Understand which core values are significant to you with Statistics

★ Discover the impression of your habits in your temper with a mood tracker

★ Form a Daily Journal, understand your self better

★ Practice self-awareness, uncover patterns and make smarter modifications in your life

★ Reflect in your rules daily as a habit - Daily Reflections

★ Hold to your Habits Routines with a clear and exquisite interface

★ Learn about your Values and Interests

★ Promote accountability and self-care

★ Get impressed and Motivated with timeless Wisdom and Quotes from legendary thinkers

★ Make better Decisions

While keeping distractions at a minimum

- No ads

- No tracking

- No selling data

Build streaks and discover a novel temper tracker that may hold you accountable whereas having fun with the gamified journey.

LiveBy - Good Habits Routines Features:

★ Daily, weekly, and monthly habits routines

★ Check-in a behavior a number of instances per day and build streaks

★ Principles

★ Discipline System

★ Streaks Counter for each habit

★ Mood Tracker

★ Core Values Timeline

★ Habit/Mood Graph

★ Habit Statistics

★ Journal

★ Notes

★ Quotes

★ Your Library

★ Reminders

★ Save your account

★ Gamified Journey

★ Life Chart

★ Evaluate a decision

★ Smart quote search

★ Quote radio

Create an ideal daily routine with LiveBy - behavior and mood tracker.