GPS Speedometer HUD Odometer

GPS Speedometer HUD Odometer

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GPS Speedometer HUD OdometerGPS Speedometer HUD OdometerGPS Speedometer HUD OdometerGPS Speedometer HUD OdometerGPS Speedometer HUD OdometerGPS Speedometer HUD OdometerGPS Speedometer HUD Odometer

If you want to monitor velocity of your automotive, bike, or any car, then GPS Speedometer HUD Odometer is one of the best speed limit app that exhibits min and max speed of automobiles in your selection of units. Take a snapshot and present it to your friends. Let them know you possibly can break the records. The GPS-based speedometer is a unique speedometer odometer app that not solely exhibits the pace on an Analogue/digital speedometer but additionally gives you the camera view to take a snapshot of your vehicle’s speed. Get accurate Kaaba course with GPS compass and Qibla compass.

Whether you're driving a automobile, bus, bike, or on a practice, digital and analogue speedometer with camera lets you verify speed meter time elapsed. Get a mileage tracker HD speedometer to free your self from checking velocity and distance manually.

Let this Analog speedometer app with distance lined function monitor your vehicle’s velocity. The Digital Speedometer Compass permits users to change between totally different models. You can calculate the velocity of the automobile in

Km/h (kilometer per hour)

M/h (miles per hour)

m/s (meter per second)

Set vehicles’ speed limit

The automobile speedometer app allows users to set the vehicle’s pace limit. From minimum to maximum velocity, set whatever velocity restrict you want to set for your self. An alarm will ring up every time the automobile exceeds the typical most speed restrict.

View the space covered

Digital/Analog Speedometer, Qibla Finder Compass can be a distance meter app that shows how much the automobile has coated the gap. Let this velocity app not only monitor your automobile present velocity but the distance coated as well.

Take a Pic

The most notable function of Digital/Analog Speedometer, Qibla Finder Compass is that this GPS speedometer journey velocity meter lets you take a snapshot of your vehicle’s journey pace.

Landscape/portrait view

Whether you are comfortable with a wider image or a taller picture, this GPS meter app has each features. Check the minimal maximum velocity limit of your car on your alternative of view.

Analogue/Digital Speedometer

Get an accurate prepare velocity checker, bike speedometer, car speedometer with Digital/Analog Speedometer, Qibla Finder Compass. If you are more comfortable with the values represented in numbers, then go for a digital speedometer, and for people who prefer to see the speed dial moving smoothly, they'll use the analog meter. This easy to use speedometer trip meter has each function to offer a simple user-interface. See the GPS speed, adjust pace, examine speed with the most effective speed gauge. This speed tracker is the most effective velocity meter app in case you are driving in numerous states of America, as each state has its own speed limits. Save yourself from getting a pricey speed ticket. Be Ware! This GPS pro speedometer is not going to disguise your vehicle’s speed from velocity cameras installed on highways.

GPS compass Qibla finder

Navigate easily with a GPS compass. This feature doesn’t need the internet to point out right GPS directions. Finding Qibla path isn't any more a grueling task now. Get an app to search out Kaaba course easily.


An accurate function for sports activities lovers. Measure the accurate time in minutes, seconds, and microseconds. Press proper button to document the limitless laps. Play and pause anytime.

Features of GPS Speedometer HUD Odometer

Full display show each in portrait and panorama mode

Speed meter helps every automotive, bike, and train

Run pace calculator with out internet


Record the velocity of the vehicle

Calculate max, min average speed

Calculate distance traveled in different units

Speed depend alarm

Select velocity calculating kind; Analog or digital

Calculate time elapsed

Change speed models anytime

Start/pause timer

High-quality decision

Offline speedometer

Accurate compass

Control stopwatch with microseconds

Accurate Qibla direction and Qibla locator

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