Super Amazing FlashLight Pro

Super Amazing FlashLight Pro

By TGI Technology Inc. (Gillal)

Super Amazing FlashLight ProSuper Amazing FlashLight ProSuper Amazing FlashLight ProSuper Amazing FlashLight ProSuper Amazing FlashLight Pro

The most elegant, useful and highly effective LED flashlight, with high-definition (HD) resolution.

With the neatest design and the brightest, quickest startup, it undoubtedly outruns the real flashlight with amazing graphics effects. It immediately turns your gadget into a brilliant flashlight. The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the LED gentle. SOS/Blinking Mode can also be supported.

It'll shine with its all devotion, glowing and most powerful gentle possible.

Incredibly simple and very helpful. Will use device's digicam flash / display screen as a torch.

A free LED flashlight that shines brilliant and appears nice on phone! This quick and straightforward flashlight has a big energy button that lets you management (turn on and off) the LED mild of digicam.

Flashlight is Amazing app to show your gadget right into a torch light. It will use your device's camera LED / flash / display screen as a torch. Simple, Easy and Effective Torch light App on your Android gadget.


̵Easy-to-use ON/OFF on-screen button.

̵Magnificent graphics and engaging flashlight app.

̵The brightest, fastest, and most helpful LED flashlight!

̵Exciting energy On/Off sound impact (with mute button toggle).

̵Clean and realistic high-tech design resembles to android telephone mannequin.

̵The brightest entrance Screen mild with Stunning graphics effects.

̵Built-in SOS flashlight sign with delicate frequency controller.

̵Button color adjustments when light is On/Off.

̵Straight ahead LED flashlight/torch/light.

̵Use for the brightest, most dependable light to seek out your method.

̵SOS / Blinking Mode supported - Blinking frequency adjustable / regulating.

̵With the most elegant design and the quickest startup.

̵The brightest illuminator ever.

̵Intuitive and chic UI design.

̵Use the cam LED and screen light!

̵Stylish and completely designed.

̵High-Definition (HD) decision.

̵Audio Effects on start and Stop.


Please contact the support e mail for reporting bugs or issues so we can repair them as shortly as potential.

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