Speech Level Singing Exercises

Speech Level Singing Exercises

By G7alt

Speech Level Singing ExercisesSpeech Level Singing ExercisesSpeech Level Singing ExercisesSpeech Level Singing ExercisesSpeech Level Singing Exercises

Speech Level Singing Exercises is a voice training software for singers with varied vocal exercises.

It has under exercises that are commonly used in Speech Level Singing.

- Five Tone Scale

- Descending Arpeggio

- Descending Octave Repeat

- Octave Repeat

- Octave More Repeat

- Octave Broken

- One Half Scale

- One Half Scale With Gallop... and more

The workouts are grouped by vocal bridges;

- Female First Bridge A4 Bb4 B4 C5 C#5

- Female Second Bridge E5 F5 F#5

- Female Full Range

- Male First Bridge E4 F4 F#4

- Male Second Bridge A4 Bb4 B4 C5 C#5

- Male Full Range

The exercises for the bridges are around the particular bridge areas.

In full range sections the workout routines cowl F3 to F6 for female voices and E2 to F5 for male voices.

Exercise ranges can be set.

All workouts can be played at any tempo between 40 and 270 (for quick riffs and runs) bpm.

Exercises can be bookmarked for faster reference.

The taking half in notice of the dimensions is proven as text, bridge notes are coloured.

Colored bridge notes could be turned on and off in the settings.

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