Instrumentation Automation Professional

Instrumentation Automation Professional

By Igor V. Brovin

Instrumentation Automation ProfessionalInstrumentation Automation ProfessionalInstrumentation Automation ProfessionalInstrumentation Automation ProfessionalInstrumentation Automation Professional

Android software «Instrumentation Automation» is meant for a extensive range of customers working in the area of metrology, instrumentation and automation, in addition to process management systems (automated process control systems).

It can be useful for students of technical universities and specialists in technical specialties.

Supported languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish.

Currently contains the next sections:

- Units of measurement. Translation of different models of measurement from one system to another.

- Scale-Signal. Conversion of bodily values into a unified sign and vice versa.

- Temperature sensors. Temperature recalculation within the signal of the temperature sensor and vice versa.

- Primary gadgets for move measurement. Calculation of differential pressure on the primary gadget, depending on the move price of the substance and vice versa. It is based on the requirements GOST 8.586.1-5-2005 and ISO-5167.

Types of primary gadgets: orifice plate, ISA 1932 nozzle, lengthy radius nozzle, venturi nozzle.

All parameters of the water and vapor are calculated routinely depending on strain and temperature.

- Engineering calculations. Thermodynamics of water and steam primarily based on IAPWS-IF97.

- Geometry. Calculation of the area, volume and surface of various geometric shapes.

- Electric calculations. Ohm's legislation, impedance, and so on.

- Sections of reference info. Various themes which may be updated and saved on the gadget. Interested customers can ship and publish their article or documentation.

The project shall be up to date incessantly, include new trends in instrumentation and automation, new manuals to devices, will be improved because of a direct connection with the users of this system.

The skilled version differs from the free model in that it will embrace extra items, attention-grabbing to begin with to slender specialists.

This software uses the open-source IF97 water/steam properties library by Hummeling Engineering BV (


ILIM, Instrumentation Automation, Control Systems

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