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GTD Simple

By MD Lab

GTD SimpleGTD SimpleGTD Simple

GTD SIMPLE - TODO List and Task Manager

GDT Simple is greatest TODO listing and activity supervisor to get things accomplished with Getting Things Done technique. GDT created by David Allen is a milestone in personal productivity. It is proven and dependable, easy and intuitive.

GTD Simple is as close to GTD methodology as attainable. Each new case goes to INBOX, which is all the time straightforward accessible. Process every case from INBOX, assign right context, project or tag. You can mark if the case is necessary or pressing. You also can set the due date and reminder.


This app is for GTD - it is not common software for utilizing with any methodology. It has one purpose - implement GTD. This means if you end up excited about using this technique, GTD Simple is an app which might help you numerous. You will find predefined folders known from GTD methodology like:

* Inbox,

* Action,

* Scheduled,

* Someday/Maybe,

* Waiting for,

* Reference.

Additionally you can see:

* Today - an additional folder with tasks for right now,

* Trash - where deleted tasks first go,

* Manage - for managing contexts, tasks and tasks.

To add new duties and notes press red ' ' on the screen, or use a widget or applet from notification bar.


You can choose one google calendar to combine with GTD Simple, so future events from the calendar will by imported into GDT Simple application, and tasks with due date might be added into chosen calendar.


You can filter the tasks and notes by context, project, tag and importance and urgency. For instance whenever you flip on your computer, you'll have the ability to filter all the tasks by context filter Computer. Additionally you possibly can narrow the outcome by filtering it by present challenge and/or tag.


You can work together with your duties using web application. It is on the market at Log in to this utility and you will see acquainted person interface.


Data are stored in the cloud on Firebase Realtime Database offered by Google.

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