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Balghwa Application

Our aim is to facilitate the dissemination and transmission of the Book of God, so contribute with us even with one verse

Students of knowledge, preachers, advocacy places of work and charitable organizations are facing problem in publishing Qur’anic verses in fashionable social media, and that Because of the curiosity of users, especially young people and the brand new era, within the quality and fantastic thing about design earlier than looking on the content material, some scholars and preachers began utilizing some design packages such as Photoshop and others. Others employed designers after which supplied them with information, and the designer designed and published it. This prices them periodic amounts of salaries for designers, for example, in addition to a great waste of effort and time. The selection occurred in Balgou to be a name for the application, from the hadith of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, the place he mentioned: “Convey from me, even if a verse”). The Messenger of God, could God’s prayers and peace be upon him, instructions us to convey even one verse, when you convey even one verse, you'll have excessive determination and ambition to behave and to learn.After learning a special group of users (such as college students of knowledge, preachers, specialists, places of work and advocacy centers, the elderly, and the general users, in addition to Initiatives and accounts that publish Quranic verses on social media) and learning their needs, we found that with the existence of various Quran functions that help the service of sharing verses through social media, however, they are thought-about primitive, not sufficiently developed and don't meet the required function. Therefore, we purpose by way of Balghwa Tashel software Publishing and speaking the Book of God even in a single verse in a contemporary and creative way through varied social media.We designed the applying to be straightforward to use and to suit all age and scientific teams.And among the many most necessary advantages and services of the appliance:

- More than 300 high-quality pictures on numerous matters and events.

- Quick search in full verses of the Holy Qur’an.

- The capability to share translations of the Noor International Center for the Holy Quran in English, French, Spanish and Latin.

- The ability to manage the design of the publication before sharing it.

- Enlarge and cut back fonts.

> Change the colors of Quranic verses and translations as nicely as texts.

- Various filters.

- Possibility to choose an image out of your picture album.

- Participate in all means Social media of assorted sizes.

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