Vibraino Lifebook-Life, Quotes

Vibraino Lifebook-Life, Quotes

By M.etion Technologies

Vibraino Lifebook-Life, QuotesVibraino Lifebook-Life, QuotesVibraino Lifebook-Life, QuotesVibraino Lifebook-Life, QuotesVibraino Lifebook-Life, Quotes

Vibraino Life - e-book is a life changing revolutionary app and aiming to improve the mindset and productiveness of Humans specially •youths, •kids, •students, •creators, •professionals , •business peoples nearly everybody.

•This app is a customized Life - book that will enhance your life that can hold monitor of your desires, targets and goals help you write your life attain your future.



1] Write your dream.

2] Design your goal.

3] Discover your hidden skills, expertise true passion from questions requested in

' My Goals ' part.

4] Set your way of life totally different dimensions of life.

• Our primary 10 dimensions of life :- 1.Health 2. Intellectual 3.Emotional

4. Character 5. Social 6. Love Relationship 7. Parenting 8. Career 9.

Financial 10. Spirituality.


• Plan your every day schedule, routine.

•Design habits for 21 days.

•Design your goals for a yr, manifest your future dream.

•Schedule your actions, tasks, plans.


•Do good, constructive actions, deeds earn Karma cash.

•The good actions accomplished by you would really immediately reward you.

•Every karma coin would have future worth after listing on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

D} Daily Quotes Life Tips :-

•Get day by day quotes on each dimensions of life.

•Get options on every aspect of life.

•Get tricks to enhance your life

• Quotes to remain joyful, optimistic, motivation.

E} Affirmation :-

•Write your affirmations to manifest your goals into reality. Write as many affirmations to make your projects carried out, manifest reality, to be happy always

F}Flaw part:-

• Write your flaws.

•Find your unfavorable points to comprehend the reality of life. Write your flaws take actions to enhance your productiveness.

•A full information to design your life of all Earthlings.

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