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HotSchedules Logbook

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HotSchedules LogbookHotSchedules LogbookHotSchedules LogbookHotSchedules Logbook

How Shifts Get Done

HotSchedules Logbook retains all of your duties, maintenance notes and even personnel points in one central location. Designed for the shift supervisor who desires to stay connected to their staff and keep everyone on process, the Logbook options daily shift notes, line checks, calendars, and contacts.​ ​​ Choose from over 70 pre-designed activity lists or build your individual to satisfy the wants of the operation. The cellular app makes it quick and straightforward to assign duties or follow-ups, check in on completion progress, even add an image instantly from your system. Get it as a companion to our leading workforce scheduling app or as a stand-alone, record-keeping device that may be managed on-the-go.

NOTE: The Logbook App by HotSchedules REQUIRES a valid Logbook consumer account and registered Logbook Product via your EMPLOYER.

Managers love these Logbook features:

Store Logs - A daily digital time bound configurable log to facilitate open and steady shift-to-shift communication between managers around shift happenings (Daily Log) or employees efficiency (Staff Journal).

ToDos - Focuses on tasks that cannot be quantified or managed in task list form, however are important for successful operations administration.

Contacts - An environment friendly, categorized list of corporate, administration, and vendor contacts.

Task Lists - Pre-designed and custom activity lists drive greatest practices, consistency, and compliance in real-time.

Events - Keeps dates and occasions at a user’s fingertips to higher permit for finest real-time selections.

Library - A repository for documents which are crucial to ongoing business operations.

Oh, and it's actually enjoyable to use!

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