By Gudeg Barakah


BeHafizh is a helpful application for anyone who desires to memorize Al-Quran. It lets you track, repeat, and test your recitation. It is a quite simple but useful app, focused to helps individuals who need memorize Al-Quran.

BeHafizh supplies the next options:

- Track your Quran memorization, each surah and verse

- Quran Memorization Test, with an intelligence system, the take a look at might be created based in your personality

- Quran Audio player, with repetition function, specific range to play, and select your favourite Reciter

- Statistic Color, to indicate which surah you are feeling difficult

This app is 100 percent free and we're open to any suggestion :)


- First Winner Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran for University Student, Application Design Category, 2015

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