Chemical dilution

Chemical dilution

By Carmine Sansone

App that helps to solve the dilution equation: Vi x Ci = Vf x Cf.

Insert no much less than three variables and you will note:

- the unknown in the 'chosen unit of measurement

- the quantities for use to deliver the answer as much as volume with the desired focus

- the dilution ratio

It is feasible to use varied items of measurement for automatic conversion, each for quantity (L, mL, μL) and focus (M, mM, μM, nM).

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Example: if we have a solute of 8M and we wish a solution of 100ml with a focus of 2M, just enter:

Ci = 8M

Vf = 100ml

Cf = 2M

Set the Vi measurement unit in ml.

Press Calculate and the quantity (25ml ) to be taken from the solute.


For the second the app is in beta version.

For issues, suggestions or ideas you'll be able to contact me at this e-mail: [email protected]

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