Skedio: Easy Vector Drawing

Skedio: Easy Vector Drawing

By Igor Shturma

Skedio: Easy Vector DrawingSkedio: Easy Vector DrawingSkedio: Easy Vector Drawing

Skedio is an award-winning utility for vector drawing. It minimizes the trouble involved into creation and further editing of excessive quality illustrations. Skedio has a powerful vector engine, so any object, from simple line to complicated free-form curve or textual content label, may be edited independently. Its shape, dimension and place can be exactly tuned for it to search out exactly the proper place within the ensuing masterpiece. Skedio bridges the gap between basic sketching applications with restricted editing tools and complicated design software that targets laptop graphics professionals. You don’t must be an artist or a designer to make use of Skedio. It is for everyone, simple and powerful on the similar time.


- First prize winner of Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for Galaxy Note (

Features of the appliance:

- Several different sketch kinds on your selection

- Natural instruments for creation of free-form curves, geometrical shapes, and text

- Precise kind modifying instruments primarily based on vertices of curves and lines

- Common transformations and modifications: rotation, scaling, flipping, duplication

- Intuitive eraser tool

- Various dashed line types and arrowheads

- Ordering operations: deliver forward, ship backward, and so on.

- Undo and redo

- Support for pressure-sensitive energetic pens (like Samsung S-Pen)

- Infinite canvas size for unlimited creativity

- Pan and zoom with two-finger gestures

- Sharing of sketches as PNG images

- Export and import capabilities for transferring between devices

Premium options:

- SVG export

- Export with transparent background

- No watermark

- Snapping to grid and angles (helps to draw perfect circles and squares)

- Advanced shade picker

- Grouping of objects

What can you create with Skedio:

- Creative artworks

- Schemes and diagrams

- Educational illustrations

- Technical sketches

- Mind maps

- Handwritten notes

- Floor plans

- Doodles

- Etc.

Skedio Help Center:

Skedio tutorials on YouTube:


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