Sales Representative

Sales Representative


Sales RepresentativeSales RepresentativeSales RepresentativeSales RepresentativeSales Representative

The software is aimed to the consultant, industrial agent, promoter and similar.

The utility's objective is to simplify and facilitate the user in buyer management, and monitor visits to clients as nicely as offering a number of tools to the evaluation of the work.

Some of the principle options:

- Import / Export and tariffs management

- Import / Export and customers management

- Ability to geo-locate the shopper or to navigate it (requires Google Maps and Google Navigator)

- Managing customer visits

- Placing an order and the order report era in PDF format.

- Sharing of the order and buyer card

- Ability to enter appointments in your Google calendar.

- Statistical analysis of visits and orders (via charts)

- Function Agenda for quick viewing of visits with capacity to allow a quantity of filters and assume about the status of those (open / closed, expired, and so on. ..)

- Possibility of customization (language, foreign money, purpose of go to ...)

- Ability to add images from this go to (disputes, showrooms, and so forth ..)

- Ability to export the visits information in XML format appropriate with the format of different administration (eg. Danea Easy Fatt)

- Possibility to make a backup of data

Lingue: Italiano, Français, English, Español.

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