Time Planner: Schedule Tasks

Time Planner: Schedule Tasks

By Oleksandr Albul

Time Planner: Schedule TasksTime Planner: Schedule TasksTime Planner: Schedule TasksTime Planner: Schedule TasksTime Planner: Schedule Tasks

Do you also hold planning 100 things a day to see you accomplish most 10 in the end?

Does your time fly very fast as well?

Have you ever thought, where it has disappeared?

Quit questioning where, see it with your personal eyes!

If you are bored with keeping plenty of time administration apps like calendars, to-do lists, behavior trackers, timers, alarms, note pads, try Time Planner that has all those tools included. Save time and boost your productivity in several areas of life!

Why this App?

• Fast and optimized time administration tool

• Absolutely no ads (seriously!)

• Convenient schedule with timeline and part of the day modes

• Easy time tracking with bubbles

• Handy customizing with a nice deal of icons and colors

• Hierarchical construction of categories and subcategories

• Reminders of different types

• Task precedence marks

• Notes with rich formatting

• Alarm captcha to battle procrastination

• Moon calendar

• Import events from Google calendar

• Backup

Additionally for Pro model:

▸ Unlimited and detailed statistics of your expectations and the reality

▸ Multiple nesting ranges of subtasks

▸ Various filters

▸ Timer, stopwatch and countdown

▸ Widget for fast access

▸ Enriched settings, together with extra sounds

Also our users proved this app goes properly with:

Early wake ups

Water ingesting monitoring

Controlling dangerous habits like smoking

Quitting fixed e mail / feed checking

⚖️ Finding balance between work and family

Making extra time for hobbies

FlyLady housekeeping system

Finding self motivation to get things done

Being targeted and targeting what you are doing

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