Park Smarter

Park Smarter

By IPS Group Inc

Park SmarterPark SmarterPark SmarterPark SmarterPark SmarterPark SmarterPark Smarter

With Park Smarter™, just park and walk away as you pay!

Our Space Finder enables you to find/navigate to parking spaces. Login using your Facebook™ profile, and pay for parking using Visa Checkout™. Add time/money to your meter from wherever, anytime, with out even returning to your car!

Never receive a parking ticket, or have your car towed or impounded, again. Park Smarter™ provides real-time notification alerts to add cash to your meter earlier than time expires; or move your car instantly upon expiration.

Park Smarter™ allows for controlled, customized administration of your parking experience with time-saving tools at your fingertips. Add multiple vehicles/credit playing cards to your account, allowing business and/or private parking management in a single app.

IPS Group, Inc. is the chief in good parking technology delivering probably the most technologically advanced, yet practical and affordable good parking options on the planet.

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