Guitar Tuner, GuitarTunio

Guitar Tuner, GuitarTunio

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Guitar Tuner, GuitarTunioGuitar Tuner, GuitarTunioGuitar Tuner, GuitarTunioGuitar Tuner, GuitarTunioGuitar Tuner, GuitarTunio

GuitarTunio – Guitar Tuner is an incredibly powerful tuning software for string devices. It is certainly one of the greatest and most user-friendly tuners obtainable for Android customers at present with many smart, useful and excessive performance features corresponding to instrument tuner, digital metronome and chords. GuitarTunio is fast, easy-to-use, accurate and perfect for both newbies and specialists.

GuitarTunio supplies its customers an ultimate tuner that works well with quite lots of string instruments. It presents over 200 completely different tunings for greater than 20 instrument, including:

GUITAR TUNER - Guitar Tunings:


Lower, DownTuned

Higher, HighTuned


Double Dropped






Other guitar tunings


7-string guitar: Standard, Metal, Jazz, Russian Open G, Variant, Lenny Breau, Charlie Hunter

12-string guitar: Standard, Variant, Variant 2

UKULELE TUNER- Ukulele Tunings:

Ukulele: Soprano in C, Concert, Tenor, Open D, Drop G, Baritone, Slack Key, Slide

Cavaquinho: Standard

BASS TUNER - Bass Guitar Tunings:

4-string bass: Standard, Drop D, Drop C, Drop B, Half step, Full step, Open A, Open E

5-string bass: Standard, Tenor Standard, Standard C, Drop A, F#BEAD

6-string bass: Standard, EADGCF, F#BEADG

7-string bass: Standard

VIOLIN TUNER - Violin Family Tunings:

Violin: Standard, Cajun, Open G, Cross, and so on.

Viola: Standard

Cello: Standard, fifth Suite, Zoltan Kodaly

Fiddle: Standard

Double Bass: Standard, Solo

FOLK TUNER - Folk Instrument Tunings:

Mandolin: Standard, Octave

Mandola: Standard

Mandocello: Standard, Variant

Mandobass: 8-string

Balalaika: Standard

Banjo: 4-string Standard, 5-string Standard

GuitarTunio interface is designed to be minimal, making the tuning process simpler, extra comfortable and efficient. The professional tuner has 2 modes: Manual Tune Mode and Auto Tune Mode.

⁂ Auto Tune Mode

The Auto Tune Mode is perfect for novices. All you must do is open this app, activate the Auto Tune Mode and place the microphone from your smartphone close to your instrument. The app mechanically determines the string deviation when you play each string. Then, this app will present you whether it’s sharp (higher pitched) or flat (lower pitched) so that you can adjust it.

⁂ Chromatic Mode (Manual Tune Mode)

Professionals can choose the Manual Tune Mode to tune your instrument instead of utilizing the Auto mode. To use this mode, musicians simply need to pick the kind of stringed instrument and corresponding preset tuning, after which start tuning.

In addition to the highly effective tuner, the GuitarTunio app also provides an advanced digital metronome and a chord library.

⁂ Digital metronome

With a easy person interface and powerful performance, the digital metronome supplies you a device for enhancing your timing, rhythm and feel day-to-day.

For professionals, GuitarTunio has an option to alter commonplace tuning frequency.

⁂ Chord Library for Guitar and Ukulele

With over a thousand chords, you presumably can study and practice your abilities as a lot as possible. By learning a brand new chord every day, you'll find a way to grasp and enhance your ranges.

Besides, GuitarTunio also presents Left Handed Mode to assist left-handed people tune their musical instruments extra simply and quickly. Moreover, when utilizing the tuning app to tune the one that you love instrument or to practice your rhythm with the metronome, you don’t need any further tools as a result of it actually works immediately with the microphone of your smartphone.

GuitarTunio will flip your cellphone into an actual expensive digital tuner . The cool guitar tuner app converges many highly effective and useful features that musicians are on the lookout for.

Let’s try it out and show us your experience with the guitar tuner!

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