Rememorate | Remember People #39;s Names

Rememorate | Remember People #39;s Names

By Rememorate, LLC

Rememorate | Remember People #39;s NamesRememorate | Remember People #39;s NamesRememorate | Remember People #39;s NamesRememorate | Remember People #39;s NamesRememorate | Remember People #39;s NamesRememorate | Remember People #39;s Names

We mix tech instruments with tested psychological techniques that will help you keep in mind the people you meet. It’s a contact management and CRM app with a focus on easily retrieving and finding an individual you have added, even if you can’t bear in mind their name. The secret is via association, or as the psychologists call it, the encoding specificity model.

How does it work?

The first step to Rememorate someone is to take a photo. That photograph will become a visual cue to help you remember that person -- it might be of the person, a selfie with you and the person, or perhaps a photo of something that reminds you of the person/place/time.

If you're taking a photograph of their business card, it's going to automatically scan in all of the text, place it in the appropriate fields, and make everything searchable. It'll additionally ballot social media, and if they've a public profile it'll automatically populate their LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Facebook info.

➕From there, you possibly can add some other contact data you might have, such as title, cellphone, e-mail, notes, mnemonic devices, personal anecdotes, or some other data you want to remember later.

️When you may be prepared to search out your contact again, you can search your address guide by photo , location on the map ️, the date/time you met⌚, keywords , or the entire above!

Other Features -

✔️ Export and backup contacts with Dropbox.

✔️ Memory training sport.

Our Mission -

The more individuals you keep in mind and connect with, the better your life will be. We believe a contact administration app ought to do extra than just retailer your contacts. Over time, it ought to assist you to bear in mind extra information about the essential people in your life.

Rememorate shops your tackle book the identical way your mind does, by way of associations. The extra these associations are made, the extra doubtless you are to recollect someone without actively needing to reference them.

What we imply is, the more you employ Rememorate to find who you're in search of, the much less work you will must do to search out them again. Rememorate helps your brain solidify these connections while preserving all their info ready just in case you want a quick reminder.

Want to hurry up the process? Rememorate subscriptions embrace a memory and brain coaching game using your contacts so you can keep everyone's names and faces recent in your mind.

Rememorate is your private contact assistant. It isn’t only a remember names app, it helps you bear in mind the important particulars different handle guide apps can’t.

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