Life Reminders

Life Reminders

By Cameleo-tech

Life RemindersLife RemindersLife RemindersLife Reminders

We all are overloaded with a nice deal of stuff to remember or to-do for us, family, kids, grandchildren, pals...

Life reminders is a simple and powerful reminder app which you must use for all sorts of issues including but not restricted to: upcoming anniversary (anniversaries), wish (wishes), special date, gift, motivation, occasion, cellphone call, task, birthdays, medication, record....

Small oversights can have massive penalties...Never overlook something anymore with Life Reminders.

Reminders are straightforward to scheduled to go off primarily based on date time (weekday) or Location!

Here are some examples of what it can allow you to for:

Something to do at a given time ?

Medicine to take at a sure hour ?

An Email to send next week ?

An essential call to make at a exact second ?

An important date to remember ? (birthday)

Something to do when you arrive at your office?

Need a alarm to wake up on mornings?

Available over 20 languages including French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, German and of course English

You would like to see something added, send support a mail, we analyze and see what can be done we pay great consideration to customers' feedback, and can do our best to improve the application.

If you've any drawback with it ship a mail describing your problem to the help group, we'll fix it as fast as attainable.

We might be glad to receive constructive mails about your use of it or the problems you’ve obtained.



* Remember that WE CAN'T ANSWER COMMENTS. If you have a problem or need to counsel a characteristic, please send us an e mail.

* You must exclude Life Reminders out of your activity killer if you have one installed

* Life reminders CANNOT be installed on the SD card


You like Life Reminders and would appreciate to see it in your language? This can be one of our goals, so should you can help, contact us by e-mail (the email address is within the about box).

The app is AD supported, when you which to haven't any adverts, you'll be able to obtain the Donate model.

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