F-Gas Tool

F-Gas Tool

By Radu Dominte

F-Gas ToolF-Gas ToolF-Gas ToolF-Gas ToolF-Gas Tool

F-Gas Tool is a Global Warming Potential (GWP) Calculator for Greenhouse Gases regulated by European (EU) No. 517/2014, primarily utilized in air conditioning, refrigeration and hearth extinguisher .

Based on the CO2 Equivalent Tonnage Result, the App calculates:

- Leak Detection Frequency

- Gas Phase Out

- Gas Retrofit

Introduction of Gas Manager part, fully practical.

Gas Manager is a cloud service where you'll have the ability to add all your HFC greenhouse gases.

This service helps you to simply keep observe, of all of your acquired and sold gas, from all of your units related with the cloud service.

After the New User Creation you will have 20 insertions at no cost.

Available languages: English, Italian, Romanian, German, Danish, French, Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish.

For the momento we included the most used gases finish blends.

R-11, R-13, R-13B1, R-14, R-22, R-32, R-23, R-41, R-50, R-114, R-116, R-123, R-124, R-125, R-134, R-134a, R-142b, R-143, R-143a, R-152, R-152a, R-161, R-170, R-218, R-227ea, R-227me, R-236cb, R-236ea, R-236fa, R-236me, R-245ca, R-245fa, R-290, R-c318, R-365mfc, R-401A, R-401B, R-401C, R-402A, R-402B, R-403A, R-403B, R-404A, R-405A, R-406A, R-407A, R-407C, R-407B, R-407D, R-407E, R-407F, R-407H, R-408A, R-409A, R-409B, R-410A, R-410B, R-411A, R-411B, R-412A, R-413A, R-414B, R-415A, R-415B, R-416A, R-417A, R-417B, R-417C, R-418A, R-419A, R-419B, R-420A, R-421A, R-421B, R-422A, R-422B, R-422C, R-422D, R-422E, R-423A, R-424A, R-425A, R-426A, R-427A, R-428A, R-429A, R-430A, R-431A, R-432A, R-434A, R-435A, R-437A, R-438A, R-439A, R-440A, R-442A, R-443A, R-444A, R-444B, R-445A, R-448A, R-449A, R-449B, R-450A, R-451A, R-451B, R-452A, R-452B, R-453A, R-454A, R-454B, R-454C, R-455A, R-458A, R-466A, R-469A, R-470A, R-500, R-502, R-503, R-504, R-507, R-507A, R-508A, R-508B, R-509A, R-511A, R-512A, R-513A, R-513B, R-515A, R-515B, R-516A, R-600A, R-1150, R-1233zd(E), R-1234yf, R-1234ze, R-1270, R-3110,R-4310, R-1336mzz(z), R-E125, R-E134, R-E143a, Vertrel XF HFC-43-10mee, NF3, N2O, CH4, CO2, Tetradecafluoroesane, Perfluoropentano, Sulfur hexafluoride

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