Emulator for TI-59 Calculator

Emulator for TI-59 Calculator

By Pascal Obry

Emulator for TI-59 CalculatorEmulator for TI-59 CalculatorEmulator for TI-59 Calculator

Emulate a 1977 classic Texas Instruments TI-58/58C/59 calculator. This programmable emulator enables you to load/save applications, it consists of an implementation of the original Master Library module and a lot of other modules (Leisure, Math, Surveying, Electrical, Aviation, Marine). Sources on GitHub at https://github.com/TurboGit/ti5x_android embrace a tools for building your individual program/module files.

The ti5x utility does purpose for 100% authenticity even when not possible in all circumstances. Yet, it supports many undocumented features from the original calculator like the HIR registers and the /DSZ nn 51/ (decrement no-jump) directions.

With the current model it's possible to play some famous video games. And many unique packages are operating without modification.

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