Camera 4K, UHD, Panorama, Selfie

Camera 4K, UHD, Panorama, Selfie


Camera 4K, UHD, Panorama, SelfieCamera 4K, UHD, Panorama, SelfieCamera 4K, UHD, Panorama, SelfieCamera 4K, UHD, Panorama, SelfieCamera 4K, UHD, Panorama, Selfie

Some options depend upon the hardware or digital camera options, Android version, etc. It may not be obtainable on all gadgets as it might be linked.

* Panorama (Rear Camera and Front camera)

* HDR support (with computerized alignment and ghost removal) and Exposure Bracketing.

* RAW (DNG) Support

* Choosing a storage location

* Camera2 API support: handbook controls (with optional focus assistance); explosion mode; day by day profile video.

* Video Formats Mpeg - 3GPP, Webm

* Slow movement video, fast motion video

* Photo Format JPEG, WebP, PNG

* Optional GPS location tagging of pictures and videos

* Apply date and time stamp, location coordinates and custom textual content to photographs; Save the date / time and location as video subtitles (.SRT).

* Photo and video naming prefix

* Do not hold the photograph after it's taken

* Ghost Image

* Equalizer and timer sound on / off

* Configurable volume keys

* Option to take footage remotely by making a sound or with the cheese voice command.

* Scene modes, shade results, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, selfie with display flash, HD video and extra.

* Convenient remote controls: timer (with optionally available audio countdown), automated repeat mode (with configurable delay).

* Automatic level option

* On-screen histogram, zebra stripes, focus peak choices.

* Colorful line shade, focus painting colour, textual content color.

* Configurable consumer interface. (Location of icons)

* Upside-down preview choice for use with attachable lenses.

* Various grids and trimming guides

* Video body rate

* Noise discount (including low mild night mode) and Dynamic range optimization modes.

* Focus bracketing mode.

This utility is a complicated model of an open source utility.

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