TimeLab - Time Lapse Camera Video Rendering

TimeLab - Time Lapse Camera Video Rendering

By MobilePhoton

TimeLab - Time Lapse Camera Video RenderingTimeLab - Time Lapse Camera Video RenderingTimeLab - Time Lapse Camera Video RenderingTimeLab - Time Lapse Camera Video Rendering

TimeLab is an app for capturing time-lapse video, it also helps video rendering from a series of photographs for customers to create top quality time-lapses.

The options include

1. Capture time-lapse with user-configurable settings including time interval, variety of photographs, video decision, body fee, and video bitrate.

2. Capture time-lapse with movement blur effect to get rid of jittery impact and provide sense of movement in time-lapse

3. Hyperlapse with movement blur impact.

4. Converts collection of pictures from inner storage into a video with configurable video decision, fps, and quality.

5. Processes collection of images into ultimate image utilizing image stacking to create light portray impact (bulb mode effect) (premium).

6. Photo editor to allow users to edit image frames before rendering into final video

The flexibility in processing photographs from inside pictures allows customers to create prime quality time-lapses/images including

- lengthy publicity timelapse

- hyperlapse

- cinematic timelapse

- gentle path timelapse

- night time sky/ Milky way/ Star trails timelapse

- ultra extensive angle timelapse

*Premium features:

- movement blur time-lapse

- remove ads

- as a lot as 4K resolution

- up to 100mbps bitrate

- up to 60 fps

- full modifying features including brightness, distinction, shadow, spotlight, temperature and saturation

- capable of import more than a hundred images and as a lot as 15,000 images to render video

- gentle painting mode to render mild painting time-lapse

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