Low Poly - Editor Photo FX

Low Poly - Editor Photo FX

By PlayPix

Low Poly - Editor Photo FXLow Poly - Editor Photo FXLow Poly - Editor Photo FXLow Poly - Editor Photo FXLow Poly - Editor Photo FX

With Low Poly powerful mesh editor you can create really wonderful low poly renderings from images. Just decide any picture from the gallery and start modifying. You can use it with pictures depicting folks, landscapes, city architectures and so forth. Try several different rendering kinds and color filters. You can save your art work as an image file, share it with your preferred social app (*) or export the mesh as an SVG vector file.

Low Poly is useful each for the consumer who needs to have fun experimenting with beautiful low poly results and for the artist who wants to speed up his/her work.

What are you ready for? Download Low Poly and begin making lovely renderings!

Low Poly Mesh Editor

Low Poly Mesh Editor is designed to do all of the hard give you the results you want. After an image is imported, the app will mechanically begin computing a mesh. The engine will take a bunch of seconds to create an high-quality low polygonal illustration of the picture due to our advanced non-linear optimization algorithm. You will be ready to increase/decrease:

- the variety of mesh triangles

- the regularity of the mesh

- the beginning mesh subdivision

More triangles means a better approximation, while a decrease number of triangles will give the outcome a true low-poly look.

The regularity of the mesh controls how a lot the mesh can deform to better approximate regionally the image. The subdivision resolution is simply the starting number of triangles. It is advisable to try different settings to get one of the best outcomes.

Another unique characteristic is automatic face recognition. When a face is detected within the picture, the engine will automatically improve the number of triangles used to find a way to higher represent it. More details will be given to the eyes, the nose and the mouth. This characteristic can be disabled if you choose modifying every thing by your self.

But it is not over! If you wish to manually enhance the mesh, just open the Mask web page, choose the dimensions of the comb and start portray the screen the place you think there must be extra triangles. You can even decrease the detail, show the element map, zoom in and out the picture while modifying and reset every little thing.

Low Poly Effect Editor

Trying to create one of the best mesh it's solely the start. Low Poly brings you many rendering kinds. For example, there is the flat shading style, during which each triangle is full of a single colour, the linear shading, which will look more like 3D. More complex rendering kinds embody:

* Cutout

Abstract image vectorization effect.

* Crystal

Shattered glass linear shading effect.

* Enhanced

Another linear shading algorithm that comes with a shocking picture post- processing effect to enhance shading and colours.

* Gleam

An elegant low poly rendering style.

* Glow

Post processed with soft lights.

* Holo

Holographic effect which simulates crt scanlines, chromatic aberration and zoom blur.

* Shiny

Ultra sharp and detailed rendering type.

* Futuristic

One of the most complicated rendering types, you must strive it to believe!

* Toon Toon II

Gives your artworks a cartoon look.

* Cool

A fashionable, beautiful and unique low-poly rendering type.

* Prismatic

Different grayscale gradings with gorgeous lighting effects.

You can apply to each rendering type a quantity of shade filters: classic and hard black and white, grading with gradient mappings, tonality filter and RGB curve filters.



- OS: Android api level 21

- Import format: jpeg/png/gif/webp/bmp and more

- Export format: jpeg format, svg format

- Language: English

* Sharing functionality requires native client apps.

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