MakeIt3D - 3D Camera

MakeIt3D - 3D Camera


MakeIt3D - 3D CameraMakeIt3D - 3D CameraMakeIt3D - 3D CameraMakeIt3D - 3D CameraMakeIt3D - 3D Camera


▪ Anaglyph stereogram 3D photo maker

▪ Easy person interface

▪ Full resolution 3D image

▪ Camera superposition mode

▪ Live preview adjustment

▪ 3D mode: gray, shade, half-color, optimized anaglyph, aspect by aspect, cross eye, wiggle

▪ 3D glasses (red cyan) are required

How to use:

1. Take two pictures utilizing built-in digicam or;

2. Select two photographs from gallery

3. Adjust stereo 3D picture utilizing yellow arrow buttons (with shift button)

4. Select 3D stereo mode

5. Save the stereo 3D picture

6. Use 3D glasses to see 3D stereogram


▪ Camera: open built-in camera to take two images

▪ Gallery: open gallery to pick out two images

▪ Dual arrow: swap left and proper photos

▪ Option: choose 3D mode

▪ Save: save stereoscope 3D image

▪ Yellow arrows: use for adjusting stereoscopic 3D photo

▪ 'auto': auto alignment (in-app purchase)

▪ White 'shift': shift arrow key (big/small movement)

In-App Purchase

▪ 'auto': This purchase completely unlocks auto alignment operate and removes all advertisements.