Heavenly Skies

Heavenly Skies

By maxelus.net

Heavenly SkiesHeavenly SkiesHeavenly SkiesHeavenly SkiesHeavenly Skies

On another planet, someone simply now trying on the sky, identical to you. How looks the sky on different planets? Maybe the person who stand on another planet, see the sky just like that of the wallpaper. Run creativeness, close your eyes and smile. See the great thing about the universe. Next technology may quickly will enjoy the wonders of the Universe.

In this livewallpaper you could see fully 3D Skies. Dynamic clouds, wind, meteors, leaves, flowers, and more. You may adjustments colours, scenes and a lot of different choices (see video).

Features :

19 predefined scenes

11 background Heavenly Skies

7 Leaves and flowers colors

7 Blurred leaves and flowers colors

18 Aurora / Aura sorts and colors

6 Meteors sorts and colors

5 Flashing stars colors

dynamic clouds, wind

random : sky, leaves, flowers, meteors, aurora, stars

all elements on/off

Accelerometer digicam move

Gyroscope digital camera move (default) if available

This livewallpaper works fantastic on cellphone and tablets too!

Please fee it. Thanks!

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