TREK: Sounds [Pro]

TREK: Sounds [Pro]

By NSTEnterprises

TREK: Sounds [Pro]TREK: Sounds [Pro]TREK: Sounds [Pro]TREK: Sounds [Pro]

This is the Pro model of the Soundboard. Same as the free model with just much more sounds (365), including the extra iconic ones.

Sounds are styled after the Star Sci-Fi motion pictures and exhibits from the 60's to right now.

Sounds could be saved as ringtones, notifications, particular person contact's notifications, and alarms.

This soundboard contains:

★ 365 sounds

★ Sounds are categorized into eras to make them easier to find.


These sounds are quite simple and all edited or created by myself mostly with just a couple tones. However, If any of the sounds are similar to anything you've trademarked please let me know which one together with supporting paperwork and I will remove it.

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