Orca for KWGT

Orca for KWGT

By 21MaRcO12 - Nativa design

Orca for KWGTOrca for KWGTOrca for KWGTOrca for KWGTOrca for KWGTOrca for KWGTOrca for KWGT

More screenshots here .

Orca is a pack of 100 lovely widgets for KWGT and 23 wallpapers. Widget pack is regularly up to date.

This is not a stand alone app. Orca widgets require KWGT PRO ( not free version of this app).

What you need:


✔ Custom launcher ( Nova is beneficial )

How to put in:

✔ Download Orca for KWGT and KWGT PRO application

✔ Long tap in your homescreen and choose Widget

✔ Choose KWGT Widget

✔ Tap on the widget and choose installed Orca for KWGT.

✔ Choose widget which you like.

✔ Enjoy!

If the widget is not right sized use the scaling in the KWGT possibility to use accurately dimension.

Please contact me with any questions/issues before leaving a unfavorable ranking.

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