Kotori your flying friend

Kotori your flying friend

By Tobias Westergaard Kjeldsen

Kotori your flying friendKotori your flying friendKotori your flying friendKotori your flying friendKotori your flying friend

All artwork is authentically hand-drawn with a graphite pencil on paper by the artist Vibeke Moldberg!

Who and what is Kotori? Kotori is Japanese for little chook. Kotori is a creature residing in your wallpaper; also when your cellphone is sleeping. Kotori will sleep, eat, speak and age; it is your job to keep Kotori well-fed and wholesome. The scenery itself may also change depending on the time of the day. Kotori may even assist you to; Kotori will let you realize if you have a brand new textual content message, email, missed name or discover in case your device is low on battery and rather more.

If you like Tamagotchi, the concept behind caring for a virtual pet, you will love Kotori! Kotori is a soothing experience!

Experience highlights:

- Replicate the original Tamagotchi idea

- Notify you on text messages, missed calls and others things

- React to completely different occasions in your cellphone; music playback, battery and more

- Age like a creature (also when your cellphone is turned off)

- Sleep when needed

- Need often feeding

- Need often bathing

- Talk to you

- Strength; faucet the clouds to have interaction flight

- Better energy means better flight height

- House; building begins after 1 day

- Further upgrades to accommodate as Kotori ages

- Dynamic world; rain, snow, thunderstorms, day-night cycle and flowers

- Moon phases following the real world

- Blossoming flowers; dynamically rising flowers that may evolve, age and eventually die. Rain results in quicker development. Spawn is random, so look out for shoots ;)

- Holiday occasions; similar to easter and christmas

- Daily visits by the sensible owl

- Other secrets and techniques ;)

You can use the primary app, or the widgets, to feed and tub Kotori. You can also use Kotori as a Live Wallpaper.

Have an concept or a problem? I want to present the best expertise possible! Feel free to send me an email!

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