Nano Aquarium

Nano Aquarium


Nano AquariumNano AquariumNano AquariumNano AquariumNano Aquarium

Nano Aquarium is like pure type aquarium (like Iwagumi ). In aquarium is just one sort of fish however this may be a shoal of fish. Look, loosen up and settle down.

In Free model :

* 1 type of fish

* 8 fish in aquarium ( Reset All Settings when you have 5 )

* 1 type of aquarium style

* Tap on display screen and feed fish

In UPGRADED version:

* 7 sort of fish

* 5 to 50 max fish in tank (one type fish)

* 5 type of aquarium design

* Removed top adverts picture in settings

* Tap on screen and feed fish

in UPGRADE 2 avaiable now! (go to Settings) :

* 8 further aquarium style

Old tree,

Small roots,

Big outdated root,

Root with moss,

White root,

3x new Roocks style

* Fishes avoid obscales.

In aquartium may sweeem only one sort of fish shoal (max 50).

Best use for telephones.

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