Mountains Live Wallpaper Pro

Mountains Live Wallpaper Pro

By SoundOfSource

Mountains Live Wallpaper ProMountains Live Wallpaper ProMountains Live Wallpaper ProMountains Live Wallpaper ProMountains Live Wallpaper Pro

Summer season in the highland, pristine nature, serene mountains, magnificent as 3D Live Wallpaper. Inhale the cool mountain air, touch free and unbound vagabond life on the edge of the wild. Dive deep into this silent world, and find the greatness of snow capped Matterhorn within the heart of the Swiss alps, Europe's most famous mountain range.

Now with edit mode: create your personal animated wallpaper landscape!

From the critiques of our happy users:

* This is a very stunning wallpaper and the eye to element is outstanding. Altogether lovely! Well done! Highly recommended!

* Great mountain wallpaper for summer.

* One of the best! I am very explicit when it comes to display savers, going by way of plenty of them, downloading then uninstalling lots of them. This is certainly one of my favorites. It has a really sensible 3D reside affect. This app works flawlessly, and it is a pleasure to own and use it.

This Alpine Landscape Mountain Summer Live Wallpaper operates easily and with low power consumption on all tested tablets and smartphones. It is one hundred pc FREE of Ads and Spyware and does not ask for any particular rights in your phone.

This is the complete model that includes storms of dandelion seeds upon shaking your cellphone, loads of configuration options and delightful sunrise and sunset motives.

Features of this full model:

- Scenic sunrise and sundown.

- Overwhelmingly lovely moon and stars at evening.

- Easter Bunny (enable in settings). Click the rabbit to get some easter eggs!

- progressive alarm clock that wakes you with the sunshine of dawn.

- Eye catching Rowan, Mountain Ash tree with plenty of red berries (disable in settings if you'd like the original tree back).

- Scroll across home screens on all telephones (enable in settings, 'Homescreen Scrolling')!

- fascinating storm of dandelion 'parachute' seeds when shaking the phone.

- Even more lovely and realistic setting.

- Plenty of configuration choices for personalization.

- Elaborate background logic.

- Realistic 3D results, greatest Nature Live Wallpaper ever!

- stunning hillside and mountain background with snow capped Matterhorn mountain, wild forest and and comfy mountain shelter hut.

- scenic dawn and sundown.

- 100% AD-FREE, no Spyware, no rights requested!

- forest trees swaying in the wind similar to bamboo or garden reeds on this nature wallpaper.

- floating dandelion seeds ('parachutes').

- Beautiful nature directly from the alps.

- Easy set up and configuration.

- Screen rotation and residential screen switching supported.

- Turn off animation for close to ZERO energy consumption.

- LWP shuts down utterly when not seen to avoid wasting maximum pace and battery.

- Freely configurable image quality settings (save memory).

- Not a movie.


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