Notification Icon Complication

Notification Icon Complication

By DYNA Logix

Notification Icon ComplicationNotification Icon ComplicationNotification Icon ComplicationNotification Icon ComplicationNotification Icon Complication


► Dynamically provides notification icons to your watch face (up to 9 icons!)

► Count badges for repeating icons

► Outline icons in ambient mode

► Tap icons to view, handle, filter notifications by app or content

► Shows full text (does not truncate like latest Wear OS)

Reply through voice / keyboard / emoji

Watch face complications} for use in any watch face app

► Add/remove filters by way of Locale / MacroDroid / Tasker plugin


Plugin to indicate notification count badges in residence display screen widgets on phone/tablet

This is a plugin/theme for Bubble Cloud Watch Face and plugin for residence screen widgets.


Please report any issues. Thank you for any feedback!

SETUP: Complications

1. Install telephone app

2. Open app to allow Notification Access

3. Add complication Icon 1..4 to your watch face


SETUP: Bubble Clouds

1. Find Notification Bubbles section in Bubble Cloud app on phone

2. Install this theme/plugin to each cellphone and watch

3. Open Status Bubbles on the watch

4. You will get a prompt to allow Notification Access on phone

5. The notification bubbles ought to appear on your watch face

Setup is proven in video from 3:47 →

To get a watchface with the exact look of the video:

1. Install the plugin on the watch first

2. Install Bubble Cloud next

3. If Bubble Cloud finds a single theme installed it's going to set it up from the get go

It takes eighty two seconds as proven in

(If you do not follow this set up order, you probably can still get the same look, however you may have to use the menu command 1-click themes to select the Status Bubbles theme, then lengthy press some bubbles to move them away from the watch face)


► Tap any notification bubble to expand

→ Phone Eye button to open on phone

→ Block button to blacklist app (long press)

→ Trash button to dismiss notification on phone watch

→ Tap an expanded notification to go back to the list

► Tap the overflow ( X) bubble to see full record of notifications

→ Gear icon at prime of list to change settings

→ Swipe left to dismiss a notification (BLUE)

→ Swipe left to blacklist a persistent notification (RED)

→ Clear filter at bottom of listing to see full list

→ Dismiss all at backside (press and maintain for 1 sec)

► Long press any notification bubble to alter settings

→ Max variety of standing bubbles (they are added dynamically)

→ Option to indicate app icon when no lively notifications

→ Open app on telephone for more settings


► See Notification bubbles section or tap on Status bubbles within the Wear Cloud Editor

→ Customize all colors

→ Options to override the theme colors

→ Some colors have transparency control!

→ Some colors come from theme by default, use override

→ Button to blacklist/whitelist screen

► Funnel icon in Wear Cloud Editor → black/whitelist directly

→ You can solely blacklist apps on the watch (Block button)

→ Use FAB to blacklist/whitelist phrases

→ Tap merchandise to edit

→ Swipe left to take away apps/phrases from the list

App may be very battery pleasant, not operating when not used


► Whitelisting overrides black lists.

So if you have blacklisted an app, but its notification features a whitelisted phrase it'll still present up.

► Phrase filters are case insensitive

► Use main and trailing areas cleverly!

► Wildcards would possibly come if requested


► Status bubble color settings are saved with Bubble Cloud backup

Email me if one thing is still not clear.

See webpage for extra info:

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