Elementique Senior - Internet

Elementique Senior - Internet

By Elementique

Elementique Senior - InternetElementique Senior - InternetElementique Senior - InternetElementique Senior - InternetElementique Senior - Internet

? Elementique Senior – My pill and smartphone turn into friendly and intuitive! ?

Elementique Senior is a set of applications specially designed for seniors.

Thanks to its simple, elegant and secure setting, sending an e-mail, managing your agenda, surfing the Internet, enjoying, sharing photos or chatting with relatives, ... becomes easier and easier !

Elementique Senior presents a clear, structured and equivalent setting in every application.

The icons are wide and legible, the keyboard is either alphabetic or « qwerty », and the user is guided all through its use.

Although they are simplified by Elementique, your pill and your smartphone maintain all their possibilities!


? Try Elementique Senior freely for six weeks ? (no ads).

After this period, the acquisition of the application Elementique Senior - License shall be proposed at a price of € 9.99 (no subscription!).

If you don't want to continue with Elementique Senior, merely uninstall the applications.


Need some help for the installation ? Check out our movies and tips about our web site by visiting our HELP PAGE

You want more details about the probabilities of Elementique Senior? Just visit our web site www.elementique.com

Requirements :

Elementique Senior is an entire Android resolution. Its optimum use requires :

- the set up of all the applications from the Elementique Senior application suite (no additional cost)

- to choose Elementique as homescreen. On some devices, this will likely contain manual adjustment.

- using a Gmail address

Some changes are needed to use the weather forecast or the simplified keyboard. Please check our website.

Elementique Senior is suitable with most Smartphones and Tablets utilizing Android 5.0 or higher

Available languages :

Thanks to the assistance of a few of our pleasant users, Elementique Senior is now obtainable in:

- Dansk

- Deutsch

- Eesti keeles

- English

- Español

- Français

- Italiano

- Nederlands

- Polski

- Português

- Russkii

- Slovenčina

- 简体中文


- Arabic translation is partial done: If you possibly can help us with that, that might be amazing!

If you need Elementique in your personal language or in case you have any suggestion about translation improvements,

please don't hesitate to contact us, any help is welcome : [email protected]


Launcher: Senior home-screen

Applications: Management of functions and favourites apps

Calendar: Simplified use of calendar and reminders

Contact: Address book

Internet: Surf the web, bookmarks management

Leisure: Games, radio, music and books!

Messages: Easy management of emails

Pictures Documents: Management and creation of photograph album and documents

Phone: telephone name, videoconferencing and SMS

Licence : to be purchased earlier than the top of the 6 weeks trial period


Do you wish to distribute Elementique Senior or apply it to a big scale?

Join our network of companions, contact us through [email protected]

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???????? Elementique Senior – My tablet and smartphone turn out to be friendly and intuitive! ????????Elementique Senior is a set of purposes specifically designed for seniors.Thanks to its simple, elegant and secure setting, sending an e-mail, managing your agenda, brows...