Default Dark Theme for Substratum

Default Dark Theme for Substratum

By SpiritCroc

Default Dark Theme for SubstratumDefault Dark Theme for SubstratumDefault Dark Theme for SubstratumDefault Dark Theme for SubstratumDefault Dark Theme for Substratum

IMPORTANT: You want the Substratum app working in your device! Read the inbuilt data before reporting any issues!

Theme for Substratum, originally primarily based on the default AOSP dark materials colours; then prolonged to offer more variants to permit configuration according to the customers style.

Available accent colors (separately selectable for settings and system):

Default teal; amber, blue, blue mild, cyan, inexperienced (3 variants), lime, orange, pink, purple, purple, white, yellow.

(If you need another one, contact me with the colour code)

Available background colours:

Dark, darker, black.

Available notification colours:

Light, darkish, black.

Semi-transparent variants also available for dark and black.

Available quicksettings quantity slider colors:

Dark, darker, black; each either strong or transparent.

Themed elements:

- Framework

- SystemUI

- Settings

- PackageInstaller

- DocumentsUI

- CM Settings

- AICP Extras

- AOSP Calculator

- AOSP Contacts

- AOSP Dialer

- AOSP Email

- AOSP Messenger

- Substratum

- Rview

Source code:

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