Always On Edge - Not Only LED!

Always On Edge - Not Only LED!

By Alrbea Ent.

Always On Edge - Not Only LED!Always On Edge - Not Only LED!Always On Edge - Not Only LED!Always On Edge - Not Only LED!Always On Edge - Not Only LED!

With AOE you can customize your cellphone from many elements and make it distinctive as you're.

It incorporates too many options with detailed choices so it can be custom-made as you prefer, here are some of the major features:

Notifications led mild

• It can be personalized to work in a highly flexible means within system all the time on display or independently, or even both like tap to light function.

• You can customize lighting colour and elegance distinctively for every app and likewise for each contact or account identify.

• Lighting placement and elegance may be differentiated between display states for example it can be set to mild round digicam hole whereas screen is on and round complete display screen edges whereas display is off.

• with a block list to forestall it from lighting to notifications received from a particular person .

• In contrast, it could possibly ignore all notifications of an app except those from one person you care about so it's going to gentle only for it.

• It also has more further helpful options like Reminder which is in a position to repeat lighting every few seconds together with a customizable sound alert and naturally every thing is optionally available.

• furthermore you'll be able to select when the app ought to cease lighting and how the app deal with receiving multiple notifications like mixer choice which will iterate all current notifications colors.

• In addition it has many choices to limit its job like prevent the app from lighting if device is charging, or battery is low, or at sleep time with more detailed management decisions.

• Lighting brightness may be adjusted regardless of the lighting methodology, on top of you could set excessive brightness for lights and low brightness for other widgets like clocks and notifications icons.

Edge lighting

• lighting effects for a number of necessary events corresponding to system charging, ongoing or outgoing calls, enjoying music, display wallpaper and a lot of different occasions.

• as notifications lighting this also could be around all screen or around front camera or each with many other lighting place options like led type with number of animations.

Always On Display pro

Extra features for system aod like exhibiting it only on notifications or on charging or for jiffy after lock

ambient display

• Ambient display clock whereas screen is locked together with different widgets like notifications icons, preview panel and battery status.

• those widgets are displayed together with edge lighting or independently while device is locked.

Animated backgrounds

• easy live wallpapers animated by code.

• Various categories of backgrounds with unique animations like nature, romantic, technical and plenty of other categories

• customizable colours and images.

Notifications Ticker

• Display notification brief nicely round digicam hole (notch) or on status bar.

that is helpful for notifications without pop-up view so while you are utilizing the phone and receiving a silent notifications you probably can instantly learn it without having to drag notifications panel down .

Notifications preview

• A list of present notifications displayed as a widget on residence display screen to read and entry your notifications immediately after unlocking

Corners Mask

• Rounded corners around screen to make it shaped like modern phones

AccessibilityService API Disclosure:

This app incorporates some features that are partially or absolutely dependent on android Accessibility Service API. this app major objective isn't an accessibility device but it can be used as so by deaf or hearing impaired people like when their telephone is near them and might't hear notification sound or groove then by this app lighting effects they'll know from which app they got a notification and who ship to them just by a look to colours and effects set by them.