AngelSense Guardian

AngelSense Guardian

By AngelSense

AngelSense GuardianAngelSense GuardianAngelSense GuardianAngelSense GuardianAngelSense Guardian

A monitoring app that helps dad and mom shield their particular needs children and improve their well-being.

The app works together with your existing AngelSense Guardian GPS wearable system, and requires the account person and password offered to you after buying an AngelSense subscription.

AngelSense is a unique location and voice monitoring answer, exclusively designed to create a safer world for kids with special needs and bring peace of thoughts to their families.

The AngelSense Guardian GPS wearable gadget is being used by particular children and their households every day, allowing dad and mom to continuously monitor their kid's location, surrounding voices and attainable threats in real-time and at all times.

The AngelSense wearable system is securely connected to the child’s clothes in a convenient place that does not intrude with the child’s day by day actions nor distracts them in any method.

Use the AngelSense cell app to:

1. Monitor your child’s whereabouts

See your child’s real-time schedule right in your Smartphone. The schedule is generated routinely each day.

2. Get real-time notifications about possible threats

Get notified instantly if your child steers from their deliberate route, and act quick.

3. Listen-in to your child’s surroundings

Hear your youngster and the voices surrounding them anytime you wish, to ease your thoughts and ensure their well-being.

Requirements: Android 8.0

If you could have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]

Our Customer Care Team is made up of mothers of kids with special wants that use the AngelSense solution every day. They’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

To buy the AngelSense GPS Guardian package, please visit

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