My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week   Due Date

My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week Due Date

By My Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week   Due DateMy Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week   Due DateMy Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week   Due DateMy Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week   Due DateMy Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week   Due Date

My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week – Looking for being pregnant apps? This is among the most valued pregnancy apps on Google Play! The perfect being pregnant tracker and ovulation tracker app you are looking for!

Are you pregnant? With My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week, know how your future child is rising inside your belly! Get tips, articles, and the information that every mother-to-be needs, to carry out a wholesome pregnancy!

Do you need to get pregnant? With My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week, know the date of your ovulation, to determine your fertility days, and maximize the possibilities of having a baby. And get all the knowledge you want for your child to develop day-to-day in a healthy means from day one!

My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week at a look:

• Week by week particulars about how your future baby is rising, and modifications in the mother's body. Know prematurely what the weeks of being pregnant hold for you, relating to the event of your future child and adjustments in the body of the pregnant lady.

• Estimated due date and countdown: know the estimated due date, what number of days remain until the delivery of your baby, and the week of gestation by which you're.

• Know week by week how much your child weighs in your womb, how much your child measures, and evaluate their size with that of a fruit for a better interpretation.

• Prenatal care: get tips for you and your baby on the method to keep healthy!

• Diet Nutrition: get tips about what to eat, and what not to eat throughout pregnancy.

• Baby names: know the which means and origin of the most popular names before making your selection.

• Weight Tracker: Track your physique weight. Perform your weighing each week, and verify that you're throughout the normal vary, based on your weight and top before turning into pregnant.

• Contractions Tracker: At the top of the pregnancy you'll start to really feel contractions. It is very important to document the length of contractions and the pauses between them, to know if it is time to go to the hospital.

• Kicks Counter: Your baby's actions might present details about your child's well being. If there are issues, your child could transfer less or by no means. Recording these actions is essential to see the physician immediately when noticing any abnormality.

• Ovulation Fertility: know whenever you're ovulating, and your days of fertility, to maximise the chances of getting pregnant.

My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week supplies many articles to be nicely informed about your pregnancy day-to-day:

• Your pregnancy week by week

• Pregnancy symptoms

• Fertilization

• Pregnancy tests

• Feeding

• Smoking

• Alcohol throughout pregnancy

• Medication, medication and toxic substances

• Nausea, vomiting and dizziness

• Avoiding malformations

• Toxoplasmosis

• Prevention of varicose veins

• Avoiding sunspots

• Preventing stretch marks

• Avoiding cramps

• Relieving back pain

• Fluid retention

• Avoiding constipation

• Kegel exercises

• Avoiding urinary infections

• Heartburn throughout pregnancy

• Braxton Hicks contractions

• How to prevent hemorrhoids

• Group B streptococcus

• Fetal monitoring

• Maternity hospital bag checklist

• Sleeping positions

• Folic acid and pregnancy

• Thrombophilia

My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week works even without an Internet connection. Enjoy My Pregnancy Tracker Week by Week offline!


This app was not designed for medical use neither is it intended to replace a physician's recommendations. My Pregnancy disclaims any accountability for the selections you make from this data, which is supplied solely as general information and never as a substitute for a customized medical advice. If you've any questions on your pregnancy, ask your doctor.

My Pregnancy wishes you a wholesome, full-term pregnancy and a secure delivery.

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