Baby Tracker - Newborn breast feeding daybook

Baby Tracker - Newborn breast feeding daybook

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Baby Tracker - Newborn breast feeding daybook

The first months of getting a child are rough and there isn’t any know-how to place your baby to sleep instantly, Baby Tracker - Newborn breast feeding daybook is a superb app that can allow you to throughout that foggy and unbelievable first 12 months week by week.

Having an easy-to-use interface, Baby Tracker - Newborn breast feeding daybook makes it easy to log all aspects of your newborn's care and consider entries from current and prior days week by week. You can track daily information about your baby: feeding, diapers, sleep, activities, pumping, signs, temperature, treatment. Baby Tracker - Newborn breast feeding daybook also provides a timer to trace nursing length, naps, actions, feeding periods.

BABY TRACKER week by week

- breastfeeding and baby feeding tracker

- new child feeding

- child sleep tracker

- child diaper tracker

- baby care tracker

- newborn baby care

- calendar and notes


Breastfeeding, breast pump (pumping), bottle (formula), drink, solid meals, diaper, potty training, sleeping, tub, medicines and more activites, with their own logs.

Logging and tracking exercise of a quantity of babies. Supports twins!


✔ Breast Feeding - Track feeding by every breast or by each, when you give your child two breasts at one feeding

✔ Track bottle feeding

✔ Fix strong food feeding - food and its amount

✔ Pause and resume breastfeeds and sleeps

✔ Track your infant's meals, whether or not you nurse or use method milk

✔ Communicate your nursing, diapers, sleep and breastfeeding simply along with your pediatrician

✔ Write notes for feeds, breastfeeds, sleeps, diaper changes and growth

✔ Never miss the next feeding baby's eating time with this breastfeeding tracker app

BABY JOURNAL/ child diary week by week

- baby feeding chart

- breastfeeding chart

- baby sleep and diaper chart

INFORMATION - to reassure and support

✔ Daily Activities so that you just can do together with your baby

✔ Week by Week Development Info

✔ Activities and Toys by Age information

✔ Parenting Guides

✔ Breastfeeding Guides Support

✔ Breastfeeding Videos

✔ After Birth Recovery Tips

Comprehensive Feedings Breastfeeding Logger

* Start and stop breastfeeding timer with one tap for comfort and accuracy

* Settings for nursing, formulation, solids, or any combination

* Tracks time breastfeed per breast and complete for full nursing session utilizing breastfeed timer

* Tracks pumping totals in addition to breastfeeding

* Notes part permits you to enter particulars on formulation model, preferences, or allergic response


* Summary display screen exhibits time of last diaper changing, together with feedings, and sleep schedule

* Accurate diaper change records mean faster response time for concerns like dehydration, constipation, or diarrhea

* Easily share documentation on bowel habits from diaper change information with docs or caregivers


* Know precisely the date that your child starts sleeping through the night

* Recognize nap time and nighttime sleep patterns to better plan your day or share with caregivers

* Compare towards other information to extra simply observe down potential causes for baby’s fussiness

* Set alarms for putting child down or to create extra structured nighttime feeding sessions


Babies undergo many firsts, which are thrilling events that you'd most probably wish to keep in mind. Baby Tracker - Newborn breast feeding daybook lets you take a picture of your new child to protect recollections out of your child's everyday life and replenish a daybook of moments out of your mobile device in a visible child journal that you can share with household and friends.


Baby Tracker - Newborn breast feeding daybook can be a great app to fill the silence with specially chosen music to boost creativity, interact consideration, encourage confidence and even assist dad and mom put their baby to sleep or calm them down when they're endlessly crying.

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