Storybook: Sleep Massage

Storybook: Sleep Massage

By Familify

Storybook: Sleep MassageStorybook: Sleep MassageStorybook: Sleep MassageStorybook: Sleep MassageStorybook: Sleep Massage

Bedtime tales with infant therapeutic massage to put your baby to sleep.

Improve your baby’s sleep and toddler growth via bedtime tales, lullabies, and massages from the #1 parenting app in over 155 international locations.

Storybook comes with over forty five (and counting) beautifully easy bedtime tales and therapeutic massage sequence for children 0-12 years outdated. Play lullabies and hearken to baby tales collectively as you therapeutic massage your child into a restful state of leisure.

Massages may help with infant improvement, health, digestion, sleep and stress whereas strengthening bonds. Reduce stress, decrease cortisol levels, and contribute to the neurological and muscular growth of your baby with toddler massages.

Bedtime tales are known for creating eternal moments in a baby’s growth in addition to bettering parent-child relationships. Begin building bonds with your new child baby with nightly bedtime stories.

Storybook combines child tales, lullabies and massages collectively for a tremendous healing time for both you and your little one.

No earlier therapeutic massage expertise necessary, simply observe the videos and listen to the tales with your youngster. New, free bedtime tales are added over time.

Improve the health of your baby and deepen the parent-child relationship while putting your child to sleep!


Bedtime Stories

- 50 bedtime stories for children

- Lullabies to assist your child sleep

- Simple and stress-free audio child stories

Infant Massage

- Simple video instructions for effective massages for your child

- Massages and tales assist your baby chill out and fall asleep

- Massage tips

Massage Benefits

- Stimulate deeper child sleep and decrease nightmares

- Eliminate muscle pains and headaches without medication!

- Stimulate the digestive system, eliminating abdomen pains and gas

- Fight fatigue and enhance motor functions

- Stimulates the respiratory system

Parent-Child Bonding

- Enhance toddler development

- Reduce stress of each parent and child

- Improve mood and the household atmosphere

- Increases and successfully strengthens the infant’s self-esteem

- Become a extra affectionate parent

Storybook is the parent app helping parents and kids deepen their relationships with bedtime tales and toddler therapeutic massage.

Download the Storybook app today!


Over 1 million households the world over take pleasure in Storybook on an everyday basis. Here’s what they need to say:

“In lower than a week utilizing Storybook I obtained my daughter to sleep all night in her room.”

- Valentina’s dad

“I love Storybook I advocate it for the whole household ... Really useful and almost magical massages. I truly have 3 boys (11, 8 and 4 YO) they sleep super nicely, relaxed and above all we share a special moment earlier than sleeping. We are so happy! Thanks for this app! “

- Daniel, Tom and Evan’s mom

“ I cannot express with phrases the feeling the app has generated me... we've created my children and me, a moment of ours, our little bit of happiness... seeing their little faces after they go to bed and ask me to do the therapeutic massage, it is amazing. The most lovely thing is when they tell me, now we are going to do it to you so you are simply as happy!”

- Amelia Jake's mom


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