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Christian Hypnobirthing

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Christian HypnobirthingChristian HypnobirthingChristian HypnobirthingChristian HypnobirthingChristian Hypnobirthing

Looking to see our app in action? Kathlyn Celeste just lately used Christian Hypnobirthing to arrange for her beautiful residence water birth!

With God all issues are possible

(and that includes an amazing birth!)

- Matthew 19:26

Using Christian Hypnobirthing, thousands of women all over the world have skilled easier, more relaxed births - some even utterly pain-free with none medicated ache relief! This is because the scripture-based audio tracks assist situation your thoughts and body to trust in God, and come into a relaxed, faith-filled state. Being on this state helps the body produce oxytocin (the hormone answerable for an environment friendly labour) and endorphins (your body's natural pain relief).

The leisure techniques utilized in Christian Hypnobirthing can be applied no matter what sort of start you are having, whether that is an unmedicated physiological birth, a cesarean, or anything in between... If you imagine that God is with you all through your being pregnant, and that birth is a constructive and fantastic alternative to connect with Him and your baby, then that may have a massive impression on your delivery expertise.


- help you really feel more connected to God and your baby during being pregnant and birth

- increase consolation naturally during birth

- lower stress and fear

- present comfort and relaxation all through pregnancy



There are a lot of misconceptions around what hypnobirthing is (some people fear that it’s a form of thoughts control or ‘not right with God’ and so forth - which couldn't be further from the truth).

Simply put, hypnobirthing brings you right into a deeply relaxed state, the place you’re able to absorb optimistic affirmations and beliefs about start while remaining alert and utterly in control. In truth, as a Christian, you’ve in all probability already skilled being in this relaxed state many times, throughout prayer or worship actions, etc.

Listening to Christian Hypnobirthing helps to deliver you into this calm, faith-filled state, which might help make start a more enjoyable and joyful experience.


Over an hour of audio tracks together with:

- Breathing and Visualisation exercises

- Encouraging Scriptures for birth

- Positive Affirmations

- Prayers for strength

- Postpartum encouragement

A ‘Positive Birth’ part with hyperlinks to birth movies, and more.

Blog and Birth Stories

A 50% discount code for our Printable Birth Affirmation Cards.

Download Christian Hypnobirthing and benefit from both the stress-free and calming effects of hypnobirthing, mixed with the massive energy, love and assist that come from our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

Please observe Christian Hypnobirthing is designed to help assist you in a extra comfortable delivery, however it is on no account a substitute for the advice or presence of a qualified obstetrician, midwife or other medical caregiver. Please at all times seek the advice of your doctor before making any changes to your being pregnant, birth or lifestyle choices.

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