Baby Tracker - Newborn Log

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log


Baby Tracker - Newborn LogBaby Tracker - Newborn LogBaby Tracker - Newborn LogBaby Tracker - Newborn LogBaby Tracker - Newborn Log

Designed by busy mother and father, for busy mother and father, Baby Tracker offers a simple, streamlined way to monitor your baby’s daily habits, health, and exciting “firsts” of those precious early days and months. Log feedings, diaper modifications, and sleep patterns with a quick one-handed faucet, then be at liberty to return later and add details and even photos.

Baby Tracker - Feed (Breastfeeding), Diaper and Sleep Logger makes it easy to trace all of your child’s necessary info for medical doctors and caregivers, as nicely as share all of the exciting milestones of his or her growth with friends and family. Perhaps most significantly, Baby Tracker - Feed (Breastfeeding), Diaper and Sleep Log handles all the major points so you by no means have to take significant time away from the fun of parenting.

Comprehensive Feedings Breastfeeding Logger

* Start and cease breastfeeding timer with one faucet for convenience and accuracy

* Settings for nursing, formulation, solids, or any combination

* Tracks time breastfeed per breast and total for full nursing session using breastfeed timer

* Tracks pumping totals as well as breastfeeding

* Notes part allows you to enter details on formulation brand, preferences, or allergic response

Diaper Change Tracker

* Summary screen exhibits time of final diaper altering, together with feedings, and sleep schedule

* Accurate diaper change information mean quicker response time for issues like dehydration, constipation, or diarrhea

* Easily share documentation on bowel habits from diaper change information with medical doctors or caregivers

Sleep Schedule

* Know precisely the date that your child starts sleeping via the night

* Recognize nap time and nighttime sleep patterns to higher plan your day or share with caregivers

* Compare against different knowledge to extra easily track down potential causes for baby’s fussiness

* Set alarms for putting child down or to create extra structured nighttime feeding sessions

Growth Tracker

* Enter measurement knowledge and compare in opposition to World Health Organization averages

* See baby’s progress and progress over weeks, months, and years

* Look at logs to match them for a more comprehensive overview of your baby’s health and wellbeing.

* Adjust growth chart for untimely baby

Milestone Logger

* Make custom categories for baby’s first smile, first tooth, or first step

* Snap a picture on the spot, or add one out of your present library

* Use pictures for a gallery-style album of baby’s goals and achievements

* Create an entry with a quick faucet, or include journal notes for more detail

Health Logger

* Log medical history such as medicines, vaccine photographs, and temperature checks

Baby Tracker - Feed (Breastfeeding), Diaper and Sleep Logger Data Interpretation

* View logged information by day, week, or month

* Shows earlier 7 days and former 30 days

* Quickly establish information patterns, habitual trends, or abnormalities

* Export data via email as a HTML

Baby Tracker - Feed (Breastfeeding), Diaper and Sleep Log Data Sync

* Sync information amongst multiple units for all caregivers or simple sharing of your baby’s progress with others

* Clone data to a different system for a fast switch that doesn’t eat up your knowledge plan

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