Kiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - Parenting

Kiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - Parenting

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Kiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - ParentingKiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - ParentingKiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - ParentingKiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - ParentingKiddy - Reward Kids For Good Behavior - Parenting

Good behaviors are more doubtless to happen more if appreciated with a constructive motion like a reward.

Rewards can encourage your child’s good behaviors

How you act when your baby behaves can make the habits prone to happen once more. Rewards can motivate your youngster to do more issues that you just respect.

Rewards can improve your relationship with your child

When you reward your baby, it makes each you and your baby pleased. Your youngster is happy as a end result of he/she will get one thing they like. You will be happy to see your youngster doing one thing good and the smile on your child will make you happier.

Rewards might help improve shallowness

Kids, particularly toddlers and preschoolers, often hear the words “no”, “stop” and “quit” all through the day. This is regular and one of the methods they're taught to study right from incorrect. However, repeatedly hearing these words can influence their vanity. They could begin believing that they can not do something proper. When a toddler earns a reward, they know that they've carried out something good and something that you just respect of them. This increases their self-esteem.

Considering this magic of rewarding, we created a easy sensible parenting app where dad and mom may give Happy and Angry points to children based on their behaviors or some daily chores they do. Kids can redeem rewards with the factors they earned. Hence, children are greater than prone to comply with good conduct as there's a point system that they will redeem with any present they like.

Below are the most important options of Kiddy app.

Happy Points

Parents can give Happy factors when children do something constructive. Eg: for some family chores like when they help in cleansing their room or once they get some good grades in exams, and so forth.

Angry Points

Give Angry factors (i.e. cut back points) when youngsters do anything negative. Eg: once they fight with their siblings, get low grades in exams, and so on.

Redeem Points

Kids can redeem the factors with their mother and father and get some gifts. Eg: You can relate 1 point to any forex say 1 point = 1 cent or 1 point = 1 Rupee. When kids have earned sufficient factors, they'll Redeem some points from their earned factors and purchase a gift.


Maintain a wishlist for kids. Kids can add a gift they wish to their wishlist. A target level is marked for every wishlist. Once kids have earned sufficient factors, they will redeem that reward.


Assign specific challenges to kids. This could be a one-time challenge to learn a book. This can additionally be a recurring challenge to do train day by day or learn the newspaper. Once youngsters full their challenges, you can mark these challenges as accomplished, and that many joyful points shall be added for them.

Plan Happy and Angry behaviors

Plan Happy and Angry behaviors upfront.

Plan and Manage Challenges

Plan and manage a list of pre defined challenges.

Point History

See the history of points earned and redeemed

Stats and Reports

Check the efficiency of your child via reports

Backup and Restore

Secure information backup to Google drive restore information when required

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Hope you all get pleasure from using Kiddy app. Happy Parenting ❤️

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