Express Bydgoski - news, information, facts

Express Bydgoski - news, information, facts

By Polska Press Grupa

Express Bydgoski - news, information, factsExpress Bydgoski - news, information, factsExpress Bydgoski - news, information, facts

Local data that interests you - only from the places you need to comply with. In addition to local news, in the application we also publish current information about native sports, enterprise, road circumstances and rather more.

The utility is aimed primarily at residents of Bydgoszcz and its vicinity. It is focused on

crucial native and regional events, ready by the

editorial staff of Express Bydgoski. In the application additionally, you will discover photos, videos and comments.

We publish announcements and stories from the occasions taking place. The portal explains and provides opinions,

helps, creates an area for dialogue.

The topics we cover embrace:

● News and information - info, details and events, primarily native.

Everything that happens within the places you are interested in.

● Local business, entrepreneurs and the labor market

● Local sport - sports activities news, stay coverage, the latest results.

● Accidents and traffic situations, rallies, motorsports

● Local culture and entertainment - details about occasions in your space, live shows,

theater, parties

By utilizing the application you gain:

● Convenience! Select the places you want to observe to quickly get

information and local data

● Reliability - the news is created by a group of journalists and editors of Express


● Save time - You have the most recent news with you at any time - only

the ones you are interested in.

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We'd love to hear to your suggestions on the model new version. Write to us:

[email protected]

We want you only a pleasant experience!

The Bydgoszcz Express Team