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Li Bao is published by Zhonghui International Communication Co., Ltd. and is issued every Monday to Friday on working days. Currently, there are more than 630 distribution points in Macau, overlaying industrial buildings, residences, gas stations, supermarkets, Air Macau, Turbojet, and so forth. . It is the newspaper with the very best circulation and widest coverage in Australia.

Seeking truth in everything and delivering new power is precisely the purpose of Li Bao. In addition to bringing a brand new expertise of stories and data to Macao residents, Li Bao may also deepen the The streets and alleys of Macau publish particular stories with Macau because the core each week.

The content material of Li Bao covers each side of life, together with Macau information, worldwide news, industrial and financial information, dwelling consumption, entertainment, tourism and health data, style, food promotion, digital know-how, Finance, and so forth.

The goal readership not solely covers Macau residents, but in addition serves Macau tourists, and is dedicated to creating a must-read multimedia platform for Macau folks and tourists.

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Macao Daily was founded on August 15, 1958. Its circulation and promoting quantity have long ranked first among Macao Chinese newspapers. It is the largest and most consultant day by day newspaper in Macao. The target market is principally Macau readers, and also readers from Hong Kong, Taiwan...