France Inter - radio, act

France Inter - radio, act

By Radio France

France Inter - radio, actFrance Inter - radio, actFrance Inter - radio, actFrance Inter - radio, actFrance Inter - radio, act

The official France Inter application lets you listen to the radio and its podcasts, find your programs and chronicles< /b> favorites in replay, consult the program schedule, observe all of the news and cultural news of the second.


- Listen to stay radio, entry podcasts and your favourite shows

- Access podcasts of all France Inter shows

- ⏰ Wake up to France Inter, France's most popular morning radio show

- Speak stay in the morning of 7/9

- Access the radio program schedule, every day visitors and program topics

- Find the themes of France Inter: info, news, music, tradition, humor.

- Receive push notifications and follow the information stay with France Inter

News, culture, music, leisure, discover all of the programs of France Inter, with amongst others:

- The morning of 7/9 with Léa Salamé Nicolas Demorand and the chronicles: Geopolitics, Pop Co by Rebecca Manzoni, The Political editorial by Thomas Legrand , the financial system, Claude Askolovitch's press review, humor with Charline Vanhoenacker, Sophia Aram, Alex Vizorek, Nicole Ferroni, François Morel, Chris Esquerre...

- Culture with Boomerang by Augustin Trapenard, L'prompt M by Sonia Devillers, L'heure bleue by Laure Adler, The Mask and the Feather

- News with Sensitive Affairs by Fabrice Drouelle, One Day within the World and the Telephone Rings with Fabienne Sintès, Campaign Diaries by Philippe Bertrand

- Humour and Entertainment with Par Jupiter with Charline Vanhoenacker, Alex Vizorek, Guillaume Meurice, La ba Original nde by Nagui and its columnists (Daniel Morin, Alison Wheeler, Tom Villa, Leïla Kaddour-Boudadi) and even Le jeu des 1000 euros by Nicolas Stoufflet

- Music with Very good journey by Michka Assayas, the stay live shows and the music playlist of France Inter

- Science and society with La Marche de l'histoire by Jean Lebrun, La Tête squared by Mathieu Vidard, On the shoulders of Darwin by Jean-Claude Ameisen, or Good for you by Ali Rebeihi

France Inter is a radio station of the Radio France group (France Inter, franceinfo, France Bleu, France Culture, France Musique, Fip, Mouv’)

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