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Melody CreatorMelody CreatorMelody CreatorMelody CreatorMelody Creator

To create music you need three elements: Melody, Rhythm and Harmony. One of the most tough components to create a song is the melody since generally we tend to make use of the same notes with out figuring out something new. Melody Creator lets you generate totally random melodies in accordance with the chosen scale and key. This helps you to improve your creativity when composing your own original melody. With this app, you probably can edit and alter all of the melodies that you generate at will or you possibly can create totally new melodies from scratch and play them with totally different rhythms and devices.

Join the thousands of users that use melody creator.

With Melody Creator you possibly can:

1. Generate random melodies using a full three-octave span

2. Place your voice in our birthday melody, obtain it and wish your loved one's pleased birthday

3. Select amongst 9 scales the size of the melody

4. Playback functionality

5. Store your favourite melodies

6. Select among no rhythm, metronome or more than 20 completely different rhythms that are constantly up to date, in order to go along with your melody

7. Generate a similar melody based mostly on the one you created before

8. Select from 3 different ranges of randomness to generate your melodies (High randomness may contain abrupt adjustments in melody notes)

9. Configure the rhythmic complexity within the generated melody (how easy or complex is the mix of notes inside a bar)

10. Configure other preferences

11. Create and edit your individual melodies

12. Download saved melodies in wav format

13. Change and hearken to your melody carried out in different devices such as piano, guitar, sax and different instruments which would possibly be constantly up to date

14. Choose between 16, 32, sixty four, 128 notes on your melodies

15. Record your voice right into a melody

Melody Creator has a VIP version and a Free version, by getting the VIP version you'll have the ability to:

1. Immediately edit and consider the notes of a generated melody

2. Remove all advertisements

3. Download saved melodies in MIDI format

4. Download instruments solely available for VIP

5. Download rhythms only available for VIP

6. Change individually the settings of every certainly one of your saved melodies

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