Katana Man Pro - EatonPlan - Android app

Katana Man Pro - EatonPlan - Android app

By EatonPlan

Katana Man Pro - EatonPlan - Android appKatana Man Pro - EatonPlan - Android appKatana Man Pro - EatonPlan - Android appKatana Man Pro - EatonPlan - Android appKatana Man Pro - EatonPlan - Android app

Manage your Boss Katana amplifier with ‘Katana Man’.

Katana Man main options:

- Supports each Series 1 and MkII amps

- Supports firmware model 4 on Series 1 amps

- Enable and configure 30 results, 6 delay types, 20 enhance varieties.

- Use 25 totally different amp models

- Pedal Fx supported

- Create, save and load tones ('patches')

- Load and Save tones to amp channels (Tone Setting buttons)

- Unlock the complete capabilities of the Series 1 amp by enabling Boost, Mod, Delay and Fx simultaneously using 'Advanced Mode'

- Use set lists to easily choose music / patch combos for live performances

- Fast patch loading

- Most primary functions accessible with one tap

- Interface designed for studio / efficiency use

- Choice of display layout

- Suited to both the hobby/home guitarist and the performing musician

KatanaMan connects to your Boss Katana guitar amplifier through a USB cable. It permits direct management of most of the amp’s intensive options. Amp models, boost varieties, results gadgets, in addition to the essential amp controls, can all be chosen and set from your system (phone or tablet) to create your required tone.

Tones may be saved in your system as ‘patches’ for later use, and subsequently re-loaded into the amp with ease. The number of patches that can be saved on your gadget is proscribed only by the available storage.

Tone Studio Library (TSL) information can be loaded to the amp, and amp settings could be saved as TSL recordsdata.

Katana amplifier settings could be ‘tweaked’ and saved ‘on the fly’ making Katana Man a super software for the house guitarist, as nicely as apply classes, studio work, on-stage performances etc.

Bluetooth units (eg foot switches) can be utilized to control the principle options.

Set Lists of songs can be loaded which will ensure that the proper patch is loaded for each track as you progress by way of your performance.

Connection Requirements:

In order to attach your cellphone or pill to your Katana amplifier you will require:

- A Katana amplifier (Series 1 or MkII - Model 100, 50, 212, Head, Artist).

- A USB cable suited to your amplifier. See your amp’s documentation for particulars.

- An OTG cable adapter

- Your Android gadget must assist OTG / ‘Host Mode’

(Note: It is recommended that you use the KatanaMan Free model make sure that your gadget is suitable)


Full Android 11 support ('scoped storage')

Compatible with Series 1 amp firmware variations 2, 3 4.

Provides entry to the Katana hidden ('sneaky') amps - round 25 extra amp models included within the Katana amplifier firmware. Also permits the creation of Custom pre-amp fashions (Series 1 amps only).

All Katana devices and effects are supported, plus TeraEcho (Series 1 amps only-see website).

A connection status light ensures that you know amp is still linked accurately.

On Series 1 amps, 'Advanced Mode' enables simultaneous use of Boost, Mod, Delay and Fx (normally the amp only permits certainly one of Boost/Mod, and one of Delay/Fx to be energetic at one time).


The capacity to save heaps of the present tone as a named patch. Patches can subsequently be re-loaded to your amp just by tapping on the patch file.


Lists of songs, so as of performance, can be loaded - with each music ‘linked’ to the associated patch. As each song title in the record is tapped the corresponding patch is loaded into the amp. Great for reside performances. SetLists may be created using a text editor or the KatanaSets app (recommended).

User Guide

A quick begin guide is on the market from the eatonplan web site at :


Related Apps

There are two apps that are designed to work with KatanaMan - KatanaSets for setlist management and KatanaSync for knowledge back-up and restore.

For tips about connecting to your Katana amp see the web site, or view the KatanaMan Free app details.

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