Chord ai - Real-time chord recognition

Chord ai - Real-time chord recognition

By Chord ai

Chord ai - Real-time chord recognitionChord ai - Real-time chord recognitionChord ai - Real-time chord recognitionChord ai - Real-time chord recognitionChord ai - Real-time chord recognition

Chord ai uses recent advances in artificial intelligence (ai) to give you the chords of any song automatically and reliably. You will not have to look for the chords of a music on the internet anymore!

Chord ai listens to the music played out of your gadget, from any video/audio streaming service or played reside round you, and detects the chords instantly. Then it shows you the finger positions to play the song on your Guitar, Piano or Ukulele.

It is a superb software for a novice to study his favorite track and for an skilled musician to transcribe the details of a music when rare chords are played.

In its basic model, Chord AI is able to recognize the following chords:

- major and minor

- augmented, diminished

- 7th, M7th

- suspended (sus2, sus4)

In the Pro model you could get with only a one-time in-app buy, Chord ai can acknowledge thousands of advanced chords using the latest advances in the subject of machine learning corresponding to:

- power chords

- half-diminished, dim7, M7b5, M7#5

- 6th, 69th, 9th, M9th, 11th, M11th, thirteenth, M13th

- add9, add11, add#11, addb13, add13

- 7#5, 7b5, 7#9, 7b9, 69, 11b5, 13b9,

and mixtures of the above! (such as 9sus4, min7add13 and so on.)

In addition, Chord ai Pro is prepared to detect chord inversions similar to C/E where the third (E) is played because the lowest notice, or Am7/G the place the seventh (G) is performed because the lowest observe.

For guitar and ukulele gamers, Chord ai additionally comes with a massive library of chord positions.

Chord ai even works offline. You needn't have an web connection (unless you wish to play a song from some video or audio streaming services).

How does Chord ai work? Chord ai can observe the chords of a song in three ways:

1) Through your device microphone. Any track enjoying round you, or played by your system, is analyzed through your device microphone and the chord positions are proven in actual time. You can go back in time and replay the track together with the chords displayed on a timeline.

2) For audio files that you have in your gadget, Chord ai will process the file in a quantity of seconds chordifies this whole song directly.

3) Chord ai is compatible with the precept audio and video streaming providers.

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